Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's the Deal with Chihuahuas?

OK. I know these dogs are amazingly cute. They are also the dandiest fashion accessories as they can be carried in a Gucci bag. And why is it you can go into nearly any store in which no dogs are allowed, but if you have a chihuahua in your purse, no one says anything? Are they not even sure if it is a dog?
I have yet to see one as a hood ornament...well, because that would just be wrong!, but I have seen one riding in the basket of a motor cycle with a leather wind hat on. I thought the chihuahua craze would have ended shortly after Paris Hilton ended up in jail, but the phenomena continues.
I have one chihuahua art pendant in my shop, and through that I've found that "chihuahua" is a very popular keyword search. Not just popular, but they seem to have a cult-like following. Sooo, there may be more chihuahuas to come into my shop; otherwise, I'll just adore this one in the picture below. Since I can't have one, I can borrow my family members, dear Sandy. I admit...I've been taken in a bit too, by their big bulging eyes and huge pointed ears, and teensie, eensie, paws. Yeah, they are a tad irresistible.


  1. Lol, haven't really noticed the craze for chihuahuas over here yet - would love for it to start up though!

  2. hahaha leather wind hat on"! I would have loved to see that! Chihuahuas are pretty cool if you ignore the fact that they are too spicy' at times with everybody and those funky 'about to roll out eyeballs' lol

    Small dog craze is everywhere.. I was about to get a small dog but It was forbidden at home. My husband calls all small dogs 'rat dogs'! But while living with a cousin who has a small bichon and a 'god know what breed' dog.. he learnt to loved them. Although we went the Labrador route. Luckily our girl is a 45 full grown choco lab..

    Loved the post!

  3. Thank you for the comments on my blog. I love reading these!

  4. They don't do it for me but then I am a cat person! The craze isn't big over here because we have a pug craze. You're nobody if you haven't got a pug! The uglier, the better!!!

  5. i bought your chihuahua pendant from the "striving artist" shop in north park. love it. wearing it right now. do you have any orange tabby cat pendants?

    thank you

  6. Hi Stephanie,
    That's so neat to hear from you and I'm happy that you are enjoying your necklace. If you'd like to leave your contact information for me, I can let you know if I make a orange tabby cat when I make my next batch of necklaces. My email is: