Monday, August 22, 2011

The Voice Inside Your Head

In a world full of media, opinion, war, poverty, and just plain negativity, we can all stand to take a look at the positive more often. Seems I spent over half my life worrying and catastrophizing on the smallest things. "Making a mountain out of a molehill," as my mother would say. I seemed to let the negativity have all the air-time it wanted. But after a wake-up call, I realized that I could control the voices in my head and dial in a new station. Not only did I not have to think negative thoughts, but could think positive thoughts that were not only true and made me feel better, but they made me a nicer person by having less stress and helped me to function lighter and more effectively.

So now I'm enjoying sharing some of these thoughts and images with others through my artwork. I have a large set of inspirational and motivational artwork in the drawing stages just ready to be painted and shared. I hope others enjoy these and benefit from them as much as I do.

Many of these are in an illustration-style with playful typography. Many are hand-drawn and then painted digitally. You'll find that not only have Chagall and many of the post-impressionism artists been influential to me, but so have many of the wonderful illustration artists of today. I love painterly paintings, but I love illustration too - at times just leaving the simplicity of the design to speak for itself.


  1. Great post and I love this piece! What a great theme and great idea. Do you find that you just automatically change your thinking if negative thoughts attempt to creep in?

  2. It doesn't always work that way, but about 90% of the time I do it fairly automatically. Other times it takes a bit longer to catch myself:) Just becomes a habit, like anything else does when we practice enough.

  3. As the song says, 'Don't worry. Be happy!' It's much easier said than done sometimes.

  4. Really interesting post. Love the focus on positive thought, I'm one of nature's cynics and try to stop it creeping in to my work.