Sunday, May 6, 2012

Madame Butterfly - More Art of the Mask

For March's theme, the subject was "Tragedy", so I chose a tragic opera, "Madame Butterfly" to depict my seen in a diorama. This can be hung on either side. One side shows Madame Butterfly as she meets her demise, on the other side there is a depiction of her with a mask with song coming out of her mouth.
Around the mask the names of some of the scenes are written in gold paint.
I got very attached this one and it was a bit sad to give it away; although, I hope the artist that receives it enjoys it in her home.
One thing I garnered from this project is how much I love doing dioramas.

I definitely see doing more of these in the near future, especially with the combination of box, clay
and paint.

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