Thursday, June 2, 2011

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

Today we set out some items on the curb for donation pick-up. While taking out a large dresser, we noticed that the next door neighbor set out a 3-panel room divider for trash pick-up. It was perfect! Just the one that I was hoping to buy for my bedroom studio to section it off, ironically, for privacy from the neighbors while I paint. This way I could keep the drapes and windows open wide and still manage to get enough air and sun.
Then while I was in the house I heard a rustling through the dresser drawers outside. I snuck out carefully so as not to scare off my scavenger - just happy someone else was making use of a good find. When I got outside I found the neighbor across the street had left a bookshelf in trade for the dresser. Not only did I need a bookshelf for my studio/office, but it fit just perfectly in the recessed area of the room that I was hoping to get a bookshelf for, but didn't feel I could afford it right now.
So two items on my wishlist were fulfilled today, while at the same time unburdened myself with things I no longer needed and benefiting another neighbor. Just when I thought I was spending too much time in the wrong direction, the gods smiled on me, and I got a resounding "yes", keep going, everything will line up as planned. Thank you!

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