Monday, June 6, 2011

New painting in progress

This painting is directed towards inspiration. It's based upon a sketch I did a while back that was actually somewhat different. I approached the painting with the sketch (only in mind) as a foundation and applied it to a canvas of totally different proportions. So it seemed fitting that if the meaning is 'inspiration' and I was seeking a more painterly spontaneous look - that I let the paint and the idea form more intuitively. So nothing was drawn out on canvas for this painting, and I simply just begun and let the paint and the artistic passion dictate. Basically, I gave in to more abandonment.
Part of the impetus in this was pulling out old paintings that were done more spontaneously that had a painterly quality that I liked more. Some of it is from the influence of a local artist, Donna Butnik,  who seems to start just with paint on the canvas and take the image where paint leads her. You can see more of her work here
So we shall see how this painting ends up as ideas are formed. I post the finished product soon:)

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