Thursday, September 1, 2011

Leucadia ArtWalk

So I did it! I survived my first art walk. It was quite an experience, more angst in preparation for the event than necessary – and a lot of fun. I learned a lot, sold a few prints and jewelry, and was invited to be part of an artist's collaborative project in which I'll likely end up making some great friends, as well as received an art commission the day later by someone who picked up my card. So even though I didn't sell much, I felt it went really great.

There are also no stories of wind or of the tent toppling over. No mishaps all day long, except for the electricity going out in our home the entire evening before. Good thing we had already finished our preparations.

We were worried about our set-up looking a bit hoaky as we can't afford display walls yet, but Gary managed to rig a hanging system with chains. Everything fell into place so nicely, we were even offered the chain we were going to spend seventy-five dollars on, by another customer at Home Depot for free! Wow! We've been really lucky lately.

Definitely going to attend other events in the future.


  1. Your tent looks great! I love how your paintings are hanging there and how it gives them a totally different life in that view! Looks like you had a good time.